Increase PENALTY on animal abuse!

Increase PENALTY on animal abuse!

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Dear People of India,

Each and every day, we see animals being tortured in several ways whether it is in the form of abuse of stray dogs, sale of dyed chicks, acid-attack non-human survivors etc. But how often do we see any action taken against the criminals? Dogs, who were once a part of a family, are abandoned on the road where they have to fetch for their own food and water. Do you think a dog who has never, for the past 7 or 8 years, lived on streets will ever be able to fight the other dogs on the streets or escape the brutalities of human beings, leave alone finding sufficient food and water?

Animals, including cows, bulls, donkeys, horses etc are commonly seen scavenging on garbage dumped carelessly on the streets because their caretakers don't CARE for their well-being. There are thousands of cases in which abusive and inhuman individuals (HUMANS) have poured ACID on cows or dragged a dog for many kilometers, yet they face no charges. These are the same individuals who commit further crimes in the society because a person's attitude towards any sentient being is a reflection of their social behavior in the future. 

Do you know the penalty that is charged for killing an animal in India? Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, the penalty for abusing (wounding, killing, pouring acid on, etc) an animal is ₹10 (minimum) and ₹50 (maximum).

It seems that the past governments have reduced the life of an animal to less than ₹50, but YOU have a chance to urge the government to amend this.  An animal is as sensitive as you and me who are reading this petition right now. They feel the same love, same pain, same betrayal, same happiness and same sorrow as any of us. How would you feel if you were hit by a car, struggling for your life, and the police leaves the criminals with a 'chillar' of ₹50?

Animals DESERVE JUSTICE, just like you and me! Don't deprive them of their rights and URGE the government to increase PENALTY on animal abuse substantially!

Thank you!