Appeal to Govt. make strict law against animal cruelty.

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Everyday in India, numerous stray dogs are run over by bikes and cars, sometimes accidentally and sometimes purposely. Recently, a political leader broke the leg of a police horse for no reason . It's leg had to be amputated. A horrific video of a dog tied while objects like slippers and cigarettes were thrown at him as he cried in pain was circulated through social media. A man in Delhi , 'Serial Dog killer' has been on a spree to kill stray dogs and puppies . Cows are tortured at dairy farms , sodomised and raped to enforced pregnancies to produce calves so they can steal their milk. Donkeys are forced to carry extremely heavy weights all day long which results in their broken spines crippling the poor animal permanently. The list is ENDLESS. The first thing that comes to mind after reading any such incident is that it should be reported to the police and strict action should be taken against the culprits. The first problem is the police do not take these issues seriously as shown in various reports . And if by any chance , the culprit has been caught, he/she pays ₹50 (Less than US$1) and he walks free. Shocking , isn't it? Now you know , the political leader, the serial killer and various other culprits, just pay ₹ 50 and be free. What if they do it again? They pay ₹100 or a 3 months imprisonment and be free , yet again to go on with their inhumane activities. The Animal Protection Act was passed in 1960 , it's high time the laws are updated. It is seen that various criminals such as serial killers , heinous murderers ,sexual assaulters, etc have been indulged in animal cruelty in their childhood or at some point of their lives. It is a scientifically proven fact that those who are cruel to animals , are likely to be cruel to humans too. This needs to stop now! Majority of countries have stricter laws for animal protection. For instance , in the US, for animal cruelty there's a fine of $1000 - $50,000 with a minimum punishment of 1 year extending to 10 years depending upon the degree of crime. These issues need to be taken seriously with stricter charges and punishments. As Mahatma Gandhi said , " The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it treats it's animals." We as humans need to rise against animal cruelty.