Protect and Preserve The Sinatra Family Website

Protect and Preserve The Sinatra Family Website

July 7, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Gabe F

Founded in 1997, the Sinatra Family Website ( has acted as one of the founding pillars of the modern Frank Sinatra community. Alongside Nancy Sinatra and her siblings, thousands of fans have called it their home. On June 29th, 2021, Nancy Sinatra announced that on August 1st of this year, they plan to decommission and shut down the website.

She writes, "It is with a heavy heart that the Sinatra Family Forum and website will be shutting down and going offline on August 1, 2021."

While we can completely understand Nancy's rationale behind this, as she notes that her father always said,  "you have to know when to get off", it must also be said that the website is so much more than just a website, and it has been for so many, and for so long. 

There are countless "young people", myself included, who were introduced to the importance of Frank Sinatra and his family through this website. I remember it vividly: I was 6 years old, browsing the world wide web on our 25-pound family computer when I came across the Sinatra family forum, and to make a long story short, it's been 15 years and a countless number of friends later that I write this petition today. 

What I would like to propose is that instead of shutting the website down, the Sinatra family keeps it up, but in an Archival State. We understand that it is most definitely a lot of work to maintain the website in its normal fashion, and it is not fair for us to demand that nothing changes. But, instead of deleting it altogether, if the family would consider the option to leave the website as it sits, but not allow new posts or new accounts, only the ability to search through past posts, pictures, and comments for the sake of reference, this would be a much-appreciated and extremely gracious alternative. What this does is eliminate the constant need for upkeep, as the website would be never changing, eliminate the costs of maintenance outside of domain ownership, and allows the world to further their knowledge of the man we call The Voice and his family. 

If not for the Sinatra Family website, I would not be here today, and many of my friends would not have a place to call home. 

There are so many great people, posts, and pieces of information on the website that to delete it all is to remove a valuable educational source for not only up and coming Sinatra fans, but from the entire Sinatra sphere. While we completely understand Nancy's rationale for this decision, we would like for her to know that the community is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the music playing. 

We would like to Thank the Sinatra family for taking the time to keep the website up as long as they have, as well as you for reading this petition. It is our genuine and hard-set hope that we can save this valuable piece of American history.

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Signatures: 14,873Next Goal: 15,000
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