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Reconsider the 12:30AM deadline for Delhi's Nightlife.

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The Early Shut Down of Nightclubs / Lounges is against our Freedom. We (The Youth of Delhi ) have lost our right to enjoy a late night out.

In turn people have lost jobs and businesses have gone into crisis, particularly the F&B Outlets who are daily asked to shut down their business inspite of having a 24 hour liquor license. Associated businesses ( Convenience stores, taxis, security companies, artist managers, event promoters and many others) have been badly affected with more people punished and jobs lost.

Bartenders,DJs, Bouncers,Event Managers,Club Managers, Nightlife Photographers, PR Managers - These and many more have a career too that cannot be time-bound to the standard beaurocratic  9AM - 5PM bracket.

Night-life is connected to the day economy, so the recessed night economy is impacting on the day economy, with suppliers, printers, etc. all losing work and jobs.

The early shut down does not in any way directly address the problem of random acts of violence / rape by anti-social elements.

We cannot let our society as a whole be defined by a tiny minority of our worst behaved. We have a right to our freedom, we expect government to predicate our laws not on the worst actions of a miniscule minority, but on the best that we as a society can be and are.

LIft the 12:30 AM deadline and give us back our FREEDOM so those who work for F&B Industry can keep their jobs and those who want to enjoy a late night out after a hard day's work can celebrate nightlife as Indian Citizens.

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