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Started by Sean Rhoads

An open letter to the developers of Rush Royale,


Hi, my name is Sean Rhoads, aka VanManBamALam, I have been co-leader of the clan WAF - We Are Fun since clans were introduced into Rush Royale, I have been playing RR almost since release.  I have seen your game grow, I have seen your community grow.  Now I'm seeing it all die.


We as a community love your game, the proof is in the paperwork, with 9 million downloads and $5.4 MILLION USD MONTHLY  in 6 months from Rush Royale alone. (Dec2020-June2021). We clearly love your game. You've got a good thing here.


It's gone too far though. We can't afford to keep forking over THOUSANDS per month, people have bills to pay and mouths to feed. We all have families too.


When I started playing Rush Royale it was NOT a full pay-to-win game.  Everything that someone paid for, you could also obtain by just putting the time and effort into the game. No longer is that the case, you've taken away legendary units from free-to-play players, you've decided to lock heroes behind paywalls,  you've locked legendary units behind paywalls, you've created a “magic dust” system, that you claimed would be beneficial to all,  that rewards the lowest possible rewards almost every single time,  and you've now created “events” which are literally IMPOSSIBLE to finish without putting money into. This is not how games should be made. Your premium passes for every single event are getting out of hand, you have one that lasts a season (one month)  and one that last 4 days, yet they're the same price. If you want to have some basic ‘p2w’ aspects in your game,  that is fine, but things need to be consistent and clear. If you want premium passes or season passes do it like the big boys, if someone buys a season pass , give them access to EVERY events premium pass for the season. You’ve taken legendaries away from everyone with your “new & improved” upgrade system. You claimed where people didn’t get legendaries they’d now be “guaranteed” magic dust, yet 10-20 magic dust per chest is hardly anything. Where we got a legendary every few chests before you now need to collect nearly 100 chests to get 1000 dust? With your “new” update coming (10.0) you've added yet another p2w aspect with clan reputation and battle resetting.  Again it's turned into “whoever spends the most will probably advance furthest, fastest!” This is wrong.


Your prices, they are out of hand. Someone can spend $150+ and it's literally gone in seconds with the price of gems and chests and what do they have to show for it? Duplicate cards, useless stuff a lot of the time? It's been proven time and time again that many smaller purchases far outweigh a few larger purchases.  If your prices were more fair,  more people would be willing to pay for gem packs or premium passes,  in turn making you more.


The chances to get things from chests need to be more clear and consistent as well, you have chests that have a chance of getting ZERO shards, that's not right, it's literally gambling for children. You have visual bugs all over the rewards system that makes things very unclear. Your odds of getting anything are VERY low, we have all seen the comments about 10-20 dust or the lowest amount of hero shards possible.


We as a community have gotten together to write this letter to express our feelings. You are going to lose your TOP money making game fast if something doesn't change.  Many top players are already starting to fall out of love with the game and have sacrificed the literal thousands they have spent and just up and quit the game. If the players who are willing to spend that kind of money on the game are leaving their accounts behind, what do you think is going to happen to the people who want to play your game for free? How are you going to bring in new players if they see they HAVE to spend money to compete with players who have played since release?


 We understand you have a business to run first but you also have a duty to fulfill to your player base,  whether paying players or not. We need to find a happy medium for us all.  We don't want you to remove things, we just want things to be fair for everyone.


We as a community are willing to work with you to try to figure out how we can save your game. We truly don't want Rush Royale to die, we want to help you save it.


I will be distributing this letter from clan to clan as a sort of petition to try to get everyone's support and to get everyone's input on how we can help eachother.


Thank you for taking the time to read this letter from a very unhappy player base.




VanManBamALam - WAF

2,846 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!