Justice for Shania L. Wilson

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Shania’s Letter 

(A Single Weekend)

Shania carried great hugs, gifted to all who accepted. She loved smiles and enjoyed smiling more. She could brighten up a room in seconds, and if the room wasn’t talking then she was talking to herself. Carrying such beauty could only inhabit introverted ways, but she never feared a conversation with any human. A fearless young woman indeed, and it was unfortunate that her passing was due to heavy misunderstandings and discriminatory treatment towards her mainly because of her intellectual disabilities, and so they downplayed her and the extremity of the situation because they lacked physician's eyes. Shania’s twenty-first birthday was months away, and she was excited about enjoying her life and moving into the next chapter wanting to become an advocate, living at Building Independence apartments with two other roommate, she were planning for her high school graduation & future at Wake Tech. Sadly, she passed away in the back of an ambulance that waited nearly 20 minutes to leave after packing her and her mother into the truck. Her brother waited calmly in the car, waiting for an abrupt takeoff. Shania had moments in her life that it became a struggle to fully explain her pain to physicians, but after 4 check-ups and 2 days (Friday, Saturday) Shania passed on the next morning of. That morning her skin was pale and lips dry, but yet the people spoke as if she was completely fine. The call was handled inappropriately and when given that tape, her mother was given a chopped version. It was bizarre. Like watching common reality turn against you, and through all the crying and a lady calming down her mother, it was a room full of doctors, and her brother stared her down wondering if she was in pain. He says, “She is strong, and I vow to be just as strong one day.” Her mother had believed 4 trips to the hospital were enough, and every time was a basic pat on the back. Each time, Shania grew weary and grew pains like none other. After a while moving around came in very sharp pains and a simple weekend became the passing of a beautiful girl named, Shania Wilson. Nearly dragged off the couch, not carefully handled. The mistreatment of someone because you may not understand their behavior is outward wrong. A quick judgment could be the end of someone’s life, and if that were your child you would have lots to say about the witnessed neglect and passionless direction of the healthcare system. 

“The healthcare system failed my daughter... a vibrant, smart, and happy beautiful black young woman.” 

-Shania’s mother

The unfair, non protective, and unequal attributes for those with disabilities within the healthcare system, has caused countless unforgettable and unnecessary deaths. Not only is this present in the black communities, but is common in all communities across the United States. I am creating this petition to give a voice to the voiceless and I hope that no child will have to endure what my daughter went through and no parents will have to experience the death of their child in this way. I will be introducing an idea for a bill, to local congressmen, that will protect anyone, with a disability, who is nonverbal or is unable to fully explain enough of what’s going on with them in an emergency situation. Also amendment North Carolina’s Senate Bill 33 allowing healthcare professional to be held responsible for their mistakes. You can support by signing this petition, and hopefully bring justice towards my daughters story and gratefully, one day, begin to hold the healthcare professionals responsible for the necessities of respectful and honorable care.

Thank you, everyone