Petitioning Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority Damian Jeacle

Music lovers, musicians & visitors to the Darling Harbour Jazz Festival: Sign petition to let the DHFA know people want this festival to continue.

The Darling Harbour Jazz & Blues Festival began 22 years ago, and, annually, provides 3 days of vibrant, exciting entertainment for locals and visitors from around Australia and around the world. The festival is in danger of cancellation, so with support from all interested parties we hope to achieve a change in policy by the SHFA. The festival attracts approx 250,000 to 300,000 every year, and employs many people, plus gives exposure to many many local and international artists who would otherwise remain in obscurity. It also gives credence to and provides the Darling Harbour precinct with an economy and tourist boost during the slow season.

Letter to
Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority Damian Jeacle
We are serious about wanting the Darling Harbour Jazz Festival to continue. After 22 years and many thousands of visitors from within Australia and overseas, this festival is an integral part of Sydney's vibrant music industry. Please dont deny hundreds of musicians the right to play and have their music heard. And please dont deny the public the opportunity to take part in this extraordinary music event.

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