Allow The “Convoys Of Courage” In Chatham-Kent to Continue

Allow The “Convoys Of Courage” In Chatham-Kent to Continue

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Jennifer Eagleson started this petition to Municipality of Chatham-Kent

Hello everyone. 

My Team and I run The “Convoy Of Courage” in Chatham-Kent. 

The Convoy represents a team of people who are spreading: Thanks, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Love, and so much more during a the Covid-19 Pandemic/Crisis. 

My team and I unfortunately are being shut down by our local Police Service amongst “Excuses of Unsafe Behaviour”.

Although the odd person has ran a red light/or stop sign or sped through an intersection it is ridiculous to shut down an event that has Spread cheer and brought so many people smiles and joy during this pandemic. 

Many front line and essential workers are working during this crisis and my team and I are wanting to show we care and that we love them for all we do. 

We are also trying to bring smiles and cheer to children and the elderly. Children are being greatly affected by this as they don’t understand why they cannot attend school, are their friends, go to their grandparents/cousins/aunts and uncles homes. These children have had to cancel birthday parties, sleepovers and so much more. As for the elderly (especially those in nursing homes/long term care homes) they don’t get to see their family, their friends and their lives have been turned upside down. These places are in a complete shut down and only those who work there are in and out. 

Some of the 1000’s of workers include Nurses, Doctors, PSW’s/DSW’s, Respiratory Therapists, EMS, Fire and even Police. 

We’ve ran a total of 6 Convoys (4 in Wallaceburg, 2 in Chatham with an additional one planned out in Wallaceburg). After the May 9th Convoy in Wallaceburg we are shut down unless we can change their minds. 

From the beginning my team and I have had tons of support in our plans. The Mayor of Chatham Kent, United Way of Chatham-Kent and 100’s of community members who participated weekly (whether in the convoy or from their homes/workplaces). 

My team and I worked diligently for several weeks to make these happen. We would call all the Nursing Homes, The Hospitals, the Fire Halls, The EMS Centers, and so much more. 

The people who worked at the places would be so excited that we were coming by. They’d prepare the residents to be sitting in windows, at the doors and on nice days, outside in the gardens. 

Residents in the Nursing homes would be talking about the convoy driving by several days later.

Nurses, PSW’s & DSW’s would be brought to tears seeing the support that they were receiving.

The Fire and EMS Departments would be standing and waving at us as we drove by, some locations would even flick on lights and sirens on their emergency vehicles. 

We were just spreading love but we also felt love being given back to us.

To the people who supported this event didn’t see it as an unsafe parade of vehicles. These people would see it as a celebration of love and joy in some very serious times.

Every week people that joined us would make signs for their vehicles, get flags ready, buy balloons and decorations to not only post on their vehicles but people who supported from their homes would do the same.

This Pandemic/Crisis is very serious and we as a team understand that. We understand that people are risking their lives to fight this but we as a team don’t understand why we’re being shut down when most rules and laws were being followed. 

The police say were being unsafe but let me ask this: How many accidents happen on a road daily when not involved in a Convoy? 

My team have worked hard to make sure people follow the rules we have set out during the gathering/lining up process as well as the procession process. I know for a fact that the HTA (Highway Traffic Act) Laws get broken way more often then with what we’re doing. No it’s not okay to break the law but with proper safety measures in place we can continue these without any problems. 

So please join my team and I in support of continuing our Convoy’s.

Spread the word, spread this petition and even make phone calls or write emails to The Mayor, The Police Department, The MPP’s & MP’s of Chatham Kent. 

Make your voices heard! 

Thank you! 

Yours Truly: The Convoy Of Courage Team Members. 

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