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Save Pratima Devi and her 400 Dogs

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Pratima Devi, a 65-year-old rag picker from Delhi, was shocked when Delhi police and MCD officials razed her make-shift dog shelter. The old woman was terrified and didn't know what to do when she was threatened that if she didn't vacate the place immediately, the concerned officials would run vehicles over her and the 400 dogs who are dependent on her. Not only this, they also threw away dog's food.

But first a spotlight on who Pratima Devi is and why should we be concerned about her.

Pratima Devi, a 65-year-old rag picker from Delhi, has been day & night taking care of street dogs  - who don't always get the right care and attention that they deserve. But who says you need to have a hefty bank balance to help others. Despite her meager daily earning, Pratima Devi not only makes sure that the dogs in her shelter are fed twice a day but also nurses them and makes sure that they are properly vaccinated. Commonly referred to as 'Dog Lady' or 'Kutto Wali Amma', Pratima Devi at present takes care of not 1 or 2, but 400 dogs in South Delhi's posh area Saket. When asked how does she manage to look after so many strays with limited means, she says - "Taking care of dogs is my religion." 

In the beginning of this year in January, the Supreme Court categorically said that "Stray dogs have a right to live." During the hearing, the apex court had reacted sharply when a submission was made that such canines should be completely eliminated across the country.  

My request to the concerned department/ministry/officials is that please don't act harshly with these organisms who don't even can speak for themselves.In spite of providing this noble human with better facilities, you are forcefully destroying whatever she has managed to establish? I can understand that the presence of so many strays at a residential area might be inconvenient for few residents. However, all I request you is that if someone is trying to take care of these innocent animals, please don't stop her from doing so. Kindly help her in shifting her dog shelter to some better place where she can continue doing what she wants. I am sure in South Delhi itself there are places where she can continue with her noble work.


Please let's stand united for Pratima Devi and the rights of her 400 street dogs. 

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