Free the cats

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There's a small area in Vile Parle West, which is misleadingly called the Dolphin Aquarium. I had no expectations of visiting it for the Dolphins anyway but I went there. They had a couple of exotic animals which had quite sufficient food and looked healthy.

But, the water in the pond in which they were "nursing" the fishes the water was dark green. The last time the pond was cleaned was when the British ruled, it seemed. There was poultry on show?? I couldn't understand why.

Now I will get to the point. There was a small cage like a few others there, which contained a bunch of cats. The cats, almost all of them, were sick and losing fur. They were thin as sticks and were meowing for help. It was heartbreaking. They also had two cats, which seemed to be a "special breed" (Persian) which had plenty of food and the food seemed to be expensive as well (Compared to what others were getting fed).

Now I know it's asking too much for them to shut the whole place down and let the animals live in peace. But they could atleast increase the standard of living of those poor cats. Give them proper food (Or atleast let people feed the animal. They charge money for that too!!?) Tend to them. Or if that's too much to ask, A cat is not a very uncommon animal. Let those poor cats go. If there were no cages and they fed the cats there, without trapping them in there. I'm sure the cats would still come by. Hang around there. I just want those cats to not rot in that cage. My point may still be unclear but I hope the reader gets the gist of what is wrong. There's not much I expect out of this, but if those cats get atleast a little bit more care from the management. I'll be more than happy. Thanks for reading!