Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput

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Sushant Singh Rajput, the man who made it in the Bollywood from scratch, is no more. This sudden shocking news has left many of us speechless and numb.

He,reportedly, took his own life at a point of time when everything was seemingly normal in his life,he had already achieved a place for him in the industry, his films were doing fairly good business, he had no financial crunches according to the bank details. Then why on earth did he take such a desperate step to end his life? Yes, of course, he was lately diagnosed with clinical depression and was on medication for the same.well, then what might be the reason behind it? One has to face and go through a lot before succumbing to depression.There might be one or a series of incidents that have taken a toll on his sensitive psyche.Taking into account a few celebrity posts and videos it is evident Sushant was facing bias in Bollywood which gave rise to insecurity regarding his acting career. Whatever might be the cause behind his depression and eventual death (not even ruling out the possibility of foul play), we, the fans, want a thorough and fair investigation of this case.

Still not able to come to terms with the fact that he committed suicide, we, the fans, have every right to know what plagued him in his last days, and if any such proof transpires we want the police to take necessary actions so the guilty is punished.

Our own 'boy next door' with the most honest smile on his face,a mind so bright and sharp,shining eyes unendingly dreaming of adventurous achievements, a bucket list full of hope, positivity and humanity - we never wanted to let you go like this..We want justice for our hero.