Need Stricter Animal Cruelty Laws in India - we can't let psychopaths go free

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I am sure by now you must have come across the brutal murder of a cat near Amritsar by hanging it by its hind legs and beating it with a stick until it breathed its last, while the murderers friends recorded it on video. I personally haven't been able to see the video beyond the first few seconds because it makes me want to puke.

I implore you to please get involved in the matter and ensure these perpetrators get booked, and prosecuted to the maximum level permissible under law. 

But this isn't just about this one case. A few days back we had this case of a man picking up helpless kittens and putting them in a carton that he had set fire to, in Mumbai.

The issue is not just about brutality to animals. It's about the psychopaths we have amidst us, and letting them go scot free to go ahead and harm others, including our own children in the future. We need stricter laws where animal abusers are arrested,turned in for treatment, and jailed. A 50 Rs or 100 Rs fine is not just an ineffective way to prevent such crimes, but it's a terrible example of us standing by and letting these crimes go unpunished and encouraged in many ways.

Please tell me that something can be done. Please tell me that we are not going to stand by and look on helplessly.