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Stop Ilkeston Academies Sixth Form From Closing!

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I`ve been attending the Ilkeston School since 2009, after year 11 I choose to stay on at the Ilkeston Sixth Form to continue with my art; I`m now in year 13 and currently applying for university, the same as many other students.
We`ve been back at the sixth form for only 6 weeks now, and on Wednesday the 7th of October we where all informed that at the end of the school year in 2016 our sixth form will close for good.

We`ve created a small community within our sixth form and every student is now devastated at the news of our closure at the end of the year. Immediately, parents where storming into the school and demanding answers from Mr.Smith. Now every year 12 students has been advised to leave the sixth form and find somewhere else to attend for the next two years, even though they`ve just started their chosen options at their chosen sixth form.

The teachers will be jobless at the end of this year, students will only have a select few colleges to attend; places that they know that they don`t want to fit into, that`s why they chose our sixth form.
Students choose this sixth form because of the second chances for GCSE`s, the work experience and life skills that we learn, for the amazing teachers who dedicate their time to each and every individual and for the amazing feel of community and support that every student receives.

I wouldn`t have a part time job if it wasn`t for the sixth form, I wouldn`t be applying for university... I never even dreamed of going to university! But being at this sixth form has opened my eyes and has made me mature instantly. Other students wouldn`t have the interviewing skills, CV building skills and portfolio building skills that the year 13`s and past students have gained through this sixth form.

The sixth form as a whole will work together to keep us open, by closing us down we are letting down people all over Derbyshire and in Gambia. Our sixth form holds charity events and we even organise trips to Gambia where everyone gets to meet the children that they are giving an education too. We fund the school, the teachers, the equipment and we send out medical supplies for the younger children. We then hold art exhibitions for the public to see, opening events where the sixth former will get to meet the next generation of students attending this school.

Please Help our students and our community win back the only place that will give them a second chance, please help us save our home.
Thank you.

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