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A brother’s quest for justice

Sreejith's brother Sreejeev died in May 2014 at Parassala Police station in Thiruvananthapuram. Sreejeev was taken into custody by the Parasala police on May 19, 2014, allegedly for stealing a mobile phone. Sreejeev was later shifted to the Medical College Hospital citing ingestion of poison The police had informed Sreejith that his brother committed suicide while in custody. Sreejeev maintains a fake case had been registered against his brother following his relationship with a girl in their neighbourhood. The girl was a relative of one of the policemen. Later, a report by the State Police Complaints Authority found out that Sreejeev died of injuries and sought action against the policemen at Parassala station.

Sreejith started the agitation when he sensed not much was being done to punish the perpetrators and justice is being denied.
Sreejith began his protest demanding action against said policemen in May 2015. He then switched to a hunger strike in January 30 the following year. So far, Sreejith has been on hunger strike for 760 days. He survives by only imbibing water.

Join this petition to ensure that

  • *The case must be enquired in fast track manner.
  • * Sreejith should get justice. It won't be delayed.
  • * Deserving punishment for the culprits.
  • *He should get enough Media coverage.


If all of us come together, we can ensure that JUSTICE WON'T BE DENIED OR DELAYED