Shut down Yulin festival permanently and save the cats (and dogs)!

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Every year more than 10,000 cats and dogs are brutally butchered and eaten at Yulin "festival" en masse, otherwise known as Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, this takes place in a city called Yulin, located in Guangxi, China. Despite of all the protests from all over the world this inhumane festival is still not banned, local government officials say it is organised by private businesses and they are unable to prevent it.

Yulin festival started officially in 2010 and has no cultural background whatsoever. While some of the Asian countries already eat dog and cat meat (the poor animals are kept in conditions unimaginable!) that is no excuse to get together and butcher these poor animals in broad daylight and eat them as if its some sort of a celebration. These terrified animals are cramped into filthy wire cages, denied food and water for days and are beaten up, tortured and finally killed by torching them or skinning them ALIVE! It is a popular belief that if the animal is tortured the meat tastes better.

While a lot of organisations are working towards banning Yulin and the dog meat trade very little is being done for the cats. They suffer equally and its time we raise our voice, create awareness, protest, do whatever it takes to not only ban this so called festival but also rescue the animals from the slaughterhouses. This is not only extremely cruel and barbaric but questions the very humanity, such atrocity can not be tolerated in a civilised world that we live in. Some of the animals are even pets and are stolen from their homes. Can you imagine your pet cat (or dog) getting stolen just to be skinned alive or bludgeoned to death and eaten?

The pictures of these poor cats (and dogs) cramped in cages or dragged out forcibly and skinned are sickening and grotesque. Cats are our friends and not "food", it seems unfathomable that some people see no ethical problem with consuming cats (and dogs, man's best friends).

With more people educated on the issue, the pressure on Yulin to permanently cancel the dog eating festival may soon be successful. So please sign and share the petition.