High Crime Rate In West Gorton Needs Addressing by GMP Police and Manchester City Council

High Crime Rate In West Gorton Needs Addressing by GMP Police and Manchester City Council

6 February 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Steve Hy

This is a petition is on behalf of the West Gorton resident community to be submitted to: 

Greater Manchester Police, Manchester City Council, Keepmoat Homes and the Mayor of Manchester

The crime rate has been rising in the West Gorton area of Manchester. There is great concern from all the residents in the area that the local authorities are not doing enough to tackle crime, anti social behaviour and lighting in the area.

This area has recently been regenerated due to West Gorton having a reputation as a low-value area with complex issues such as high levels of crime and poverty. The new housing estate built on it is called Connell Gardens built by Keepmoat Homes. The new estate has attracted many hard working professionals and families to move in to the area and more than 200 homes have been built since.

This new estate has attracted lots of crime in the form of violent burglaries and the resident families do not feel safe at all.

The main points of concern are below and resident of the area would like this to be investigated and addressed by the Police, Mayor, Council and Keepmoat. 

  • Aggravated burglaries and cars being stolen on a regular basis (average twice a week) – houses are being broken into and residents threatened with knives for car keys, endangering life and personal safety.
  • Street Lighting is poor around the area and not working in some parts.
  • Police Response to crime is poor (48 hours response).
  • Keepmoat Homes front door locks are easily picked and has flaws allowing for burglar's to enter property without force.
  • Residents would like CCTV installed in the area and monitored by Police.

The residents have had a local councillor meetings with Bernard Priest and Amna Abdullatif to raise the concerns to the Manchester City Council and the Police.

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Signatures: 315Next Goal: 500
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