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Save Mozilla Firefox's Best Feature

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Dear Mozilla,

We are Firefox users. We love our browser and rely on it to do our best work. For us, this means having the freedom to customize and extend our browser using powerful Firefox Add-Ons like Tab Groups, Tree Style Tabs, Vimperator, Pentadactyl, and many others.

While there may be technical advantages to the WebExtension architecture, we feel that technical decisions should never be made at the expense of Mozilla's user base. Sadly, recent decisions by Mozilla to remove Firefox's support for XUL-based Add-Ons in favor of WebExtension-based Add-Ons endanger our ability to continue to use Firefox. 

Thus, we the undersigned request that Mozilla:

  • Indefinitely postpone all plans to drop XUL Add-On support from Firefox,
  • Open a dialogue with the Mozilla / Firefox community to ascertain what features Firefox users rely on that are currently only available via XUL Add-Ons but not possible under the WebExtension paradigm, and
  • Work with the community to develop a path forward that allows Firefox to achieve its technology goals while preventing the loss of key functionality that millions of Firefox users depend on.

We recognize Mozilla's need to keep Firefox and its underlying technology moving forward. However, we feel that the outright removal of support for XUL-based Add-Ons would have such a negative impact on our continued ability to use Firefox as our de facto web browser that we will be forced to investigate other alternatives.

However, we are confident that neither we nor Mozilla desire such an outcome, and we thus make this request in good faith and with the hope that Mozilla will partner with us the undersigned to help keep Firefox the best, most user-respecting web browser there is.

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