Set a Deadline for Notifying Which Traffic Challans Can Be Paid On-The-Spot

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There is utter confusion on Indian roads today. Those fined for breaking traffic rules don’t know where to pay up: in court or on-the-spot.

The confusion is growing because state governments taking their time to notify sections of the recently amended Motor Vehicles Act, which came into effect on September 1st. 

Until all state governments notify the new norms, ALL violators will need to go to court to pay their “challan”. Can you imagine the pressure this is putting on our courts, not to mention the time being wasted? 

Given the high number of traffic violations being widely reported by the media everyday, the number of people flocking to the courts has spiked. And this inconveniences everyone, especially the police, lawyers and judges. 

The confusion must end. I have started this petition asking all State Governments to set a deadline for notifying us with a list of offences for which a “spot fine” is allowed. 

Sign my petition so that State Governments make this a priority and end the confusion once and for all. #EndFineConfusion