Stop Dromana McDonalds!

Stop Dromana McDonalds!

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An application has been submitted to the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council (MPSC) by AA Holdings Pty Ltd to develop a service station, convenience store, which will include a drive through restaurant. While there is no mention of the tenant, judging by the internal and external design McDonald's is the likely occupant via its dual lane drive through and kiosk style ordering internally.

Dromana has a unique coastal heritage, and deserves to be developed in a manner which upholds this community lifestyle. Already beaming with locally owned and operated cafes, restaurants and bars, Dromana supports many families on the Mornington Peninsula. Whether it be visitors to the region or locals, there are plenty of great options for dining and takeaway food without the need for a large multinational. 

Victoria has seen many coastal and country towns damaged by over development and a move away from what makes them attractive places to live and visit. The character of the Mornington Peninsula is one where people are encouraged to relax within a unique environment and explore local gems - whether they be natural or small business. The MPSC have invested millions of dollars supporting local businesses and tourism, and a decision to grant this planning permit would be detrimental to that investment. Small cafes and restaurants which are already experiencing hardship due to COVID19 would face incredible headwinds if a large 'convenience restaurant' was to be permitted, devastating the community further. It is clear that a large multinational convenience restaurant is not in line with the culture we want to see built on the Mornington Peninsula.

Let's show the MPSC that Dromana does not need a McDonald's!