Moonee Valley Council, please save this historic 1880s property from demolition

Moonee Valley Council, please save this historic 1880s property from demolition

7 July 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Moonee Valley Heritage Action

This large, visually impressive Victorian-era weatherboard home at 81 Charles Street, Ascot Vale dating to around 1890 faces demolition after Moonee Valley Council removed heritage protection from the property in 2010.

This is exactly the type of highly valuable heritage property that the community expects our Councils to protect.

The building is a sizeable triple fronted weatherboard with an impressive wraparound front verandah featuring original Victorian lattice and large front bay window, and it is remarkably well preserved for a building of this period.

It’s on a large block that also boasts significant vegetation, and it contributes enormously to the overall heritage value of the streetscape.

The properties in Charles Street have not then been properly assessed by Council for significance in their own right after being removed from the precinct overlay.

The building at number 65 Charles Street, that is younger, smaller, and clearly less significant than the property now facing demolition is currently awaiting approval by the Planning Minister for a heritage overlay.

All we ask for is some consistency and certainty in the way heritage rules are actually being applied in Moonee Valley. If 65 Charles Street deserves protection, then so does number 81.

We call on Moonee Valley Council to take the urgent action necessary to protect this property, or face the community’s outrage at the next round of Council elections.

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Signatures: 3,331Next goal: 5,000
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Decision makers

  • Moonee Valley City Council
  • Planning Minister Richard Wynne