Protect Montreal's Caleche Horses From Being Sold For Horse Meat or Labour.

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On December 31, 2019, the caleches/ horse carriages will be banned in Montreal.

The owners are now starting to sell their horses online and otherwise. 

These animals risk being sold into forced labour or sold for slaughter.  The ban was enforced to protect these animals yet they face a grim future. Why enforce this law without a solid after-care plan? Yet again, these animals are in peril. The horses should have been seized long ago, with all the complaints and evidence of mistreatment and neglect.

We, the citizens of Montreal, are tired of the abuse.  Between 2009 and 2015, at least sixteen Montreal carriage horses have died. A ban is now in effect, but no solid after-care plan has been put into place.

While the city of Montreal has offered to buy the animals for $1,000 each and give them to the SPCA, to find them new homes, only one caleche driver has accepted this offer. Many of the others have scoffed at the offer, saying it is too low. 

Clearly, a solid rescue solution was critical to the welfare of these poor, innocent animals.  

We demand action on the part of the City immediately to put an end to the capitalization of these animals and follow through with a plan to place them in shelters.

Enough is enough! Quebec has frequently been ranked as one of the "best provinces to be an animal abuser."

This has proven to be true yet again.