Dear Home Secretary: Please Pay for Therapy and Compensation for Victims and Survivors!

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Dear Home Secretary: Please Pay for Therapy and Compensation for Victims and Survivors!

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Association of McKenzie Friends started this petition to The Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP (Home Secretary)

HM Treasury should make funds available for victims of sexual abuse, miscarriages of justice and other white collar crimes, to indicate that the Government encourages victims to come forward:

1. courts have to deal with McKenzie Friends helping 'Litigants in Person', because too many honest citizens have been victimised and traumatised by supposedly ethical professionals;

2. there don't seem to be enough honest and fair courts to sentence all criminals and not enough prisons to hold them; see Bent Lawyers and Cops;

3. the National Inquiry into Sexual Abuse 'takes stock': therapy for survivors but prison for abusers won't take away the damage done to survivors;

4. snatching children for 'possible emotional risk' is the most heinous of all white collar crimes - but trends have been rising since 1994 according to official statistics;

5. institutionalised removal for the purpose of abuse are the tip of an iceberg of white collar criminality, creating child and adult victims of fraudulent bankruptcies, faked home repossessions, false imprisonment and avoidable deaths in their families who are all waking up to the gap between what they say [justice and fairness] and what they do: injustice, oppression, intimidation and violence. See Victims Unite!

As a minimum, money should pay for therapy of victims and abusers.

As an optimum, money should truly compensate for emotional, physical, mental, financial and legal damages done. 

By way of example of the 'state of victimisation', some evidence is on:-


Child Removals

  • The Nigerian Musas whose 7 children were taken by Haringey Council, the last one at birth in prison, before they were deported; the oldest daughter was molested by the son of the foster 'carers'; another daughter complained about being taken to dark places where there are only men; the son asked "Mummy, what is paedophilia?" - 1,500 followers and 87,000 visits since July 2011;
  • The Portuguese Pedros whose 5 children were taken by Lincoln Council - 2,000 followers and 21,000 visits since November 2013;
  • Phil Thompson whose 3 greatgrandchildren were taken by Walsall Council - 7,000 visits since October 2013;
  • Latvian Laila Brice's daughter was taken by Merton Council - 1,600 followers and 7,200 visits; 
  • US Melissa Laird's son was taken by Barnet Council and found unsuitable for adoption, after she was falsely criminalised and deported - 1,700 followers and 15,000 visits since September 2013;
  • The Lithuanian mother whose child was given to his father despite proven sexual abuse - 1,000 followers and 2,400 visits since June 2014. 

Child Pornography

Satanic Ritual Abuse


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This petition had 120 supporters

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