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Recognise Wholefoods Collective!

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Monash Clayton students note: if a friendly Friends of Wholefoods person asks you to sign a paper petition, please sign it as it is a different petition with a different purpose to this petition.

More information about the history of Wholefoods and why it must be defended can be found here:

We recognise the value of Wholefoods lies not in its capacity to spin a buck and we refuse to see workers as disposable commodities whose only value is the efficiency with which cash can be exchanged for food.

We recognise that the Monash Student Association constitution obliges the Monash Student Association to manage Wholefoods through a Collective of volunteers.

We recognise Wholefoods as a collectively run, consensus decision-making based space open to all Wholefoods staff and volunteers and anyone interested in participating in its operations.

We recognise that Wholefoods has made successive financial losses under increased Monash Student Council Executive control, restructuring, and decreased Collective control of the space and its operations;

We demand the Wholefoods Collective be restored as the primary decision making body in all areas of Wholefoods.

We demand that all negotiations over the refurbishment of Wholefoods between MSC Executive, MSA managers, Monash University and all outside agencies that do not include the Wholefoods Collective as the primary decision making body cease immediately.

We demand, in the strongest of terms, that the MSC Executive abides by the MSA and Wholefoods’ constitutions and supports Wholefoods Collective to manage the space.

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