How could they get it so WRONG Dandenong Hospital Monash Health

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My Dear Mum who passed away was in the care of Dandenong Hospital Monash Health .Mum walked in to the hospital with scans and a report, showing she had various cancerous tumours and one close to her spine.I had taken the scans and report with me to the Hospital and gave them to the treating Doctor. Within the first hour of being there I asked the Doctor did you look at the Scans and report, the reply was sorry we don't know where they are, and said could I go and get more copies ,which I did at a cost of 60 dollars  and raced them back to the Hospital so Mum could get the best possible care ,as this was critical so the Doctors had a head start for a best treatment plan how wrong was I.Over the next 9 days while she was in there she had pins and needles in her legs and groin as well as numbness.she collapsed twice didn't feel the need for a bowel movement and on every occasion all the Doctors and Nurses kept telling us was your Mums legs are weak due to too much bed rest, there is nothing wrong nothing neurological to worry about.On the 9th day they finally done a scan after laying in bed for 9 days with all these warning signs it was far too late the tumor had compressed on her spine and she was now a paraplegic and will never walk again or have control of her urine or bowels.They sent her that night to Monash Hospital in Clayton and then the next day to Moorabin Hospital for radiation on her Tumor near the spine and for 5 days in a row the tumor had all but gone ,Monash Hospital in Clayton were Fantastic but those 9 days wasted in Dandenong Hospital after I gave them a report and scan from day 1,this should never of happened as her Oncologist in Clayton said this was so preventable and should never of happened and she said she was personally going to start a full inquiry into this matter which never happened,Mum was now staying at Caulfield Rehabilitation Hospital Full time getting nappies changed by strangers hoisted in and out of bed learning how to slide and use a wheelchair it was terrible then when she was able to come home after months of rehab and us getting everything ready for her a ramp to get in the house walls knocked down to accomodate the hoist and wheelchair new kitchen and toilet bathroom hospital bed air mattress slide sheets slings commode for showering the list goes on my beautiful wife was fantastic she was Mums best friend she dressed her showered and wiped Mums bottom she did everything it was still so embarrassing for Mum for a so active Lady to end up like this at the hands of these so called Doctors it was a nightmare in the end you could see it in Mums eyes she didn't want to go on just laying in bed all day not being able to do anything ,please help me fight for justice from Monash Health by signing this petition for the Family, Mum has left behind her son her 9 year old grandson and her daughter in law and her husband of 60 years who tried to commit suicide after her passing ,they have to be held accountable. Mum has gone and she's no longer here and they go about their normal duties please help us as I will never rest until my Dear Mum gets the justice she deserves so she can rest in peace and she has no voice ,so i have made her a promise i will fight for her until the day i die ..Thank You for reading this God Bless