Mojang to add TNT duping to Minecraft bedrock for the technical community

Mojang to add TNT duping to Minecraft bedrock for the technical community

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Why this petition matters

Started by Jeremy Du Plessis

Minecraft bedrock addition has always been lagging behind of Java in the technical side. Everything from redstone to /command for technical players are always neglected in bedrock.

This petition is to hopefully change at least one of these things Java additions TNT duping to be add to Bedrock.

Now why would you want to add a dupe to Minecraft after all a dupe is not what the script is suppose to do, it's a bug.

Well I'd bring your attention to how all players mine gravel and sand in the game using torches. It to started out as a bug with gravity blocks but improved the game so much it got kept, there's other examples as well.

Secondly bedrock has never been able to have mob farms anywhere near that of Java. Gunpowder farms on bedrock are made extremely technical and game lagging big using maximum spawning spaces and even nether portals for quicker respawnig of mobs inorder to get the same amount of gunpowder from a easy small Java Creeper farm.

This makes building world eaters inorder to make perimeters successful in bedrock extremely difficult.

Now for a story from the realm in which I play:

We have constructed a massive ghast farm which has an extra large perimeter around it. This is are main gunpowder source and would get afk usually for a whole day at a time. How ever were making an extra large perimeter using a modified version of the chunk deleter from  silentwhisper as are world eater. The gunpowder we're getting isn't enough tho so we're using tips from the Exploit servers sphere creeper farm with nether portals underneath and from RufusAtticus 5 stack creeper farm.

This wouldn't be necessary in Java where a player could easily get the necessary about of gunpowder from an easy farm or have TNT duping.

Now some might say why not just increase mob spawning on bedrock to be the same as with Java and maybe even remove TNT duping all together? And I would agree with the first part of increasing mob spawning but I would argue the TNT duping should remain in the game the same as with gravity blocks breaking by non full blocks. It adds just so much extra to the game and really helps out the technical community of Minecraft and for bedrocks technical community this could be the love that has been needed for it in a very long time

Thank you, let's have TNT dupe in bedrock.

22 have signed. Let’s get to 25!