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Petitioning FEDERAL BUREAU of INVESTIGATION and 5 others

Mobile County Alabama Prosecutor: bring Travis Hawkins Jr. to justice

Mallory was an invited guest on Thanksgiving Day at the home of her girlfriend’s family. Mallory’s girlfriend’s brother, Travis Hawkins, Jr., has been arrested, charged and released on bail. He has only been charged with 2nd degree assault. Mallory has experienced a brain bleed, reconstructive facial surgeries (metal plates implanted due to crushed cheekbones) and multiple skull fractures. This, at least, was attempted murder! Mallory deserves justice for the horrific attack. By the grace of God, she faces a long road to recovery. It is reported that the accused attacker’s family stood by, did not intervene, and have threatened the victim’s family.

Letter to
Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich
Attorney General, State of Alabama Luther Strange
and 3 others
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
Bring Travis Hawkins Jr. to justice on charges more the 2nd degree assault. This was a hate crime. He beat her because she is gay.