IIT Madras should stop torturing the stray dogs in their campus

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IIT Madras is capturing the stray dogs that have been living in the campus. (see video link https://www.facebook.com/friendsofanimalsiitm/videos/688811661757355/ They are caged and underfed. They are locked off in an area where we are not allowed to visit them.Caging these dogs that were earlier free to run about is going to cause stress and even death for the older dogs. IIT Madras refuses to explain to the animal lovers in campus what they intend to do to the captured dogs. We, the animal lovers have been banned from feeding dogs. Caring for stray animals is a fundamental duty that the constitution has given us. IIT Madras is denying us from performing this.

Animal lovers are physically and verbally abused by the security personnel and other students and no action is taken against them.

All this needs to end for the sake of the dogs. I Request the animal welfare associations to intervene and help us out here.