Demand strict action against the Elephant Murderers

Demand strict action against the Elephant Murderers

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Why this petition matters

Social media is currently in collective shock after the details of the murder of a helpless pregnant elephant in Kerala came to light.

The gentle creature had wandered out of the Silent Valley Forest in hunger. She walked peacefully along the roads in search of food without harming anyone, but with a ploy to exterminate her some monsters offered her a pineapple laced with powerful crackers. What she must have thought to be an act of kindness ended up exploding in her mouth and broke her jaw.

Even after being injured so horrifically she didn't hurt the culprit(s). Instead she went into the Velliyar River and quietly stood there. Maybe she wanted to soothe her wounds in the river water or just wanted to protect the cuts from flies. Forrest officials tried yet failed to save her. She died standing in the river probably wondering how someone could be so cruel to her.

The incident happened on the outskirts of the Silent Valley Forest in Attapadi, with the pachyderm choosing the Velliyar river in Mallapuram district as her final resting place. The details went viral on social media following a post by forest official Mohan Krishnan.

Elephants are gentle animals that are loved by so many throughout this country and this incident is like a stab through the heart for all of them; kids, animal lovers, people who revere these animals as creatures of God, everyone.

The incidence of such acts of animal abuse are growing everyday and we demand exemplary punishment in this case and framing and implementation of stricter laws in this regard to prevent such actions in the future.

Calling upon everyone to sign this petition so the culprits can be brought to justice.

11,993 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!