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Pass the bonding bill that contains the Phillips Neighborhood Pool

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Swimming has been neglected for decades in Minneapolis Swimming is a lifesaving skill that every person in this state should learn. There are no public indoor swimming pools in the city of Minneapolis. The Phillips Community Pool will be the only one. This issue reveals serious civil rights, public health and education issues:

Civil Rights:
The start of the modern Civil Rights Movement can be traced to the demand by Black veterans for equal access to beaches and swimming pools after World War II. A photo of a motel manager pouring muriatic acid on the heads of swimmers made front page news across the country and is widely credited with influencing the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 the very next day. With few exceptions, virtually every attempt to integrate swimming pools and beaches resulted in violence, even after the Supreme Court overruled segregation. Most municipal pools chose to close rather than to integrate. Today most public swimming pools are as segregated as they were in 1964, including Minneapolis.

Public Health:
Minnesota has among the highest drowning rates in the country.
Last year was a near record drowning year for Minnesota -- 19 drownings and 22 near drownings in Hennepin County alone.
Minority youth drown at up to six times the rate of white youth.
Swimming is a necessary skill to safely and confidently participate in all the water-oriented outdoor recreational activities that promote an active lifestyle.
Swimming is a life-long activity. Swimmers have the lowest death rate of any group.

The link between academic success and exercise, specifically cardio-vascular exercise, is clearly demonstrated. The more physically fit a child is, the better they perform academically. Swimming has the added benefits of teaching strategies to overcome fear and build self-confidence. Swimmers have the highest GPAs and graduation rates.

Competitive Swimming:
Swimming is the least diverse sport in the country. USA Swimming has national initiatives to diversify swimming and promote swimming lessons in inner-city communities.

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