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Does Thomas Duvall, serial, sadist sex offender deserve to be released?! You be the judge.

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Does Thomas Duvall, serial, sadist sex offender deserve to be released?! You be the judge.


Thomas Duvall has admitted to over 60 brutal sexual attacks on both boys and girls. Each attack increasing in brutality. Of these over 60 victims he’s only been convicted of a five. You may remember reading about them.

In 1978, he was convicted for raping a 17-year-old girl while giving her a ride home from the State Fair. In 1981 five months after he was paroled he attempted and was convicted when he tried to force a woman into his car at knife point. Just 3 days after his release of that crime he assaulted a 15-year-old girl on her way to school. Later the same day he sexually assaulted 2 girls ages 14 & 15, threatening them with a shotgun. He was convicted. Then on December 26, 1987, the day after Christmas, 12 days after his release from prison, while on a Christmas Pass from his halfway house. He proceeded forced his way into a 17-year-old’s apartment claiming to need the phone. Proceeded to bound her with an electric cord and repeatedly rape her while hitting her with a hammer for over three hours. He not only left her for dead but told her that if she wasn’t dead he would come back to finish the job. He was convicted and sentenced to the harshest punishment at the time for sex offenders. 20 years. (During the span of time between the 1978 and the 1987 crimes. Thomas Duvall only spent 14 days outside of an institution, during which he committed sexual crimes.)

After his 20-year term in prison he was entered into MSOP, Minnesota Sex Offender Program, to rehabilitate him.

Here are some things he’s “required” to do in this program.

1.       Keep a sexual fantasy journal. Thomas Duvall’s journal in 2014 was destroyed right around the time that Duvall was petitioning for release. His current journal has fantasies about his past victims. He has fantasies about the young girls he works with at a thrift shop. (Side Note: The staff at the thrift shop has no clue who he is or what his crimes are.) His therapist argues that “it’s healthy” to write out these sexually violent fantasies.

2.       Writing isn’t enough though—MSOP has a masturbatory room. A room filled with pornography for these sex offenders to masturbate to.

His most recent diagnosis:

a. Sexual Sadism Disorder, In a controlled environment

b. Antisocial Personality Disorder

c. Adjustment Disorder, With Anxiety

d. Alcohol Use Disorder, Severe, In a controlled environment

e. Cocaine Use Disorder, Moderate, In a controlled environment

f. Cannabis Use Disorder, Moderate, In a controlled environment

g. Methamphetamine Use Disorder, Mild, In a controlled environment

h. Other Hallucinogen Use Disorder, LSD, Moderate, In a controlled environment

i. Problems Related to Other Legal Circumstances (civil commitment)

In order to be released from MSOP, Thomas Duvall, needed to complete one more task. Pass a polygraph. His therapists knew this would be difficult for him as he has not previously passed them. Thus, they planned a meeting of the minds, which was testified by fellow employees as unusual behavior to devise ways of “helping” Thomas Duvall pass the upcoming tests. Even with their “help”, he failed the tests.

Want to know what his main therapist has to say about this? Read for yourself…you decide.

a. Petitioner’s “continued risk of intrusive deviant sexual thoughts, as indicated by the deceptive finding on the polygraphs, is in itself indicative of the unhealthy way his sexuality formed, and may take a lifetime of work and change to manage and restructure. The deceptive findings on these two recent polygraphs do raise questions about the degree of transparency this client has in regards to his masturbatory fantasies, however all other evidence demonstrates general collaboration, transparency, and motivation to continue managing arousal to violence.”

 b. The “only sexuality component clearly tied to recidivism in the research is deviant arousal, and the PPG results for this client provide no evidence that he is currently aroused to violence.”

c. Based upon Petitioner’s “progress in treatment, the MSOP leadership support his petition for provisional discharge…”

What do I say? I say this man has no right to live a provisionally discharged life. He’s already living a life undeserved. He’s given a job, money, shelter, food, therapy…what have his victims and their families received? A lifetime of hurt, pain & fear.

Please consider signing this petition to keep Thomas Duvall in MSOP. It’s not a great program, but at least he’s monitored more than if he were in a Zumbro House.


All information is taken from unfortunate and actual personal accounts as well as:

OUTRAGE: A serial rapist could soon be walking the streets of Minnesota after spending 3 decades in custody!


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