Justice for Minor Tribal Girl

Justice for Minor Tribal Girl

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"10th July, 2019 - Minor tribal girl in Odisha's Puri raped inside parked bus during Rath Yatra celebrations"

"17th November, 2019 - Gang-Rape Of Minor Tribal Girl In Rourkela, Odisha"

"7th December, 2019 - Minor Tribal Girl Raped by Headmistress's Husband at Odisha Residential School"

And now "Odisha: Cop arrested in minor tribal girl’s rape & abortion case; DGP apologises to survivor"

Aren't Police Officers the ones who are obliged to safeguard us?
The recent case in Sundergarh, Odisha where a 13 year old is raped by the Inspector In Charge of the Police Station, Anand Chandra Majhi, one other policeman, her step-father and her step-father's friends repeatedly for a duration of 3 months, until a day when she gets pregnant and is taken to the hospital where an illegal termination of her foetus is performed by the doctor.

Again, she is only 13 years old.
Let me remind you that this matter was allegedly suppressed and only came forward after the girl's health condition worsened.

Why is that a person has to die for us to understand the oppression and exploitation that they had been dealing with?

With the growing cases against tribal girls and women. Let this not be treated and forgotten as a mere headline

Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India considering that many rape cases go unreported.
Can you imagine the physical and psychological trauma that the victim has to go through?

It is high time, crime against women needs to stop. RAPE needs to stop. Any kind of abuse needs to stop against women, against minors and against tribals.

By signing this petition we are seeking JUSTICE for the MINOR TRIBAL GIRL. We demand the Judiciary Court for an exemplary punishment against such a heinous crime.

It's time for a change. We need stricter laws.