Fair Resumption of Beauty Services Post-COVID in Singapore

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Dear Sir/Mdm,

The beauty care industry consists of nearly 6000 businesses. We are writing to highlight our plight and dire situation.

Secondly, we would like to highlight the unfair classification and treatment of our business against other similar trades which are allowed to resume operations early in phase 1.

Per the government reopening plans announced on 19 May 2020, the businesses classified SSIC 96021 were allowed to resume all hair services for phase 1

1. Beauty services to many consumers are essential as some of the treatments we render are treatments for skin conditions such as acne or chronic skin problems.  if  getting a hair cut is considered essential, skin treatments are equally, if not more essential to many consumers).

2. As we are aware, many hair salons are mixed businesses which house personal services such as facial treatments, pedicure and manicure services. Many of these salons have started provided these secondary services alongside hair cuts. This raises the question of fairness.

3. We are aware that veterinary services and pet grooming services are also allowed to resume business in early phase 1, which raises the irony why grooming for pets are allowed while grooming for humans are not.

Lastly, we would like to highlight the plight that our trade is almost 100% brick-and-mortar and completely reliant on in-person delivery of services. Many of us have suffered 80-100% loss of income and revenue for the past 2 months. Without rental concessions and relief on wages, we will not be able to sustain for another 30-60 days.

Each of our businesses employ an average of 5-10 staff, some even more. Collectively, we contribute 60,000-100,000 persons’ employment to the nation. Our businesses are at serious stake if we are not allowed to resume operations in due course. Many Singaporean’s and residents may lose their jobs.

We would like to assure the authorities that the beauty industry is one where we administer one of the highest standards of hygiene. Even before COVID, we have standard hygiene protocols that we follow to prevent infection and inflammation of client’s skin. It is standard practice for Therapists to don masks and sterilise equipment used. Trust that we will take extra precautions as we are more conscious than anyone else to protect ourselves against contracting the diseases.

We sincerely appeal to the authorities to consider our dire plight and accord our industry with fair assessment, at the very least, on par with hair salon and pet grooming.