Stand against these animal abusers

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Dear responsible Union government representatives, This is in regards to the dastardly cowardly act of abominable cruelty to a monkey ,recently in Washim area in Maharashtra, by two men. The Men tied the injured langur to a tree, beat it to death while it cried in pain. Enjoying its agony, the men also hurled abuses at the animal, while thrashing it with stick and chappals.The act itself was deplorable to every citizen of this world who had unfortunately witnessed this and to make it worse, there seems to be a perverse mentality to want to film it for public consumption. Time and time again such incidents keep taking places. Hence, I request you to make the animal cruelty laws more stringent and set an example in this case by punishing the torturers so that no one can dare to commit such an heinous act ever again.