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On Sept 5,2019, we lost one of our two pet children, SPARKLE while travelling from Amritsar to Mumbai in Paschim Express. My Facebook post on the incident is as follows-

Despite following laid out procedure (which we now know is completely flawed and not followed) to a T, my parents were not allowed to take our pets with them in AC 1st class but were forced to travel inside cage of luggage compartment where our 5yr old healthy Lhasa Apso couldn’t survive even one night owing to lack of bare essentials needed for safe travel of pets. Below is the link to the article published in TOI-

As mentioned in the article, the railways is definitely not taking responsibility because according to them pets are sole responsibility of owners. If that is the case why owners are not permitted to take all the calls regarding safety/security/comfort of their pets during travel?

Why should railway authorities get to intervene/harass and make last minute changes despite passenger having required documents. Who is taking the responsibility here?

Since the time we have shared our story we have learnt that so many pet owners have undergone similar situations and have felt helpless.

This petition is to bring to the notice and demand the Ministry of Railways and Mr Piyush Goyal, our railway minister, to lay out firm rules regarding pets travelling safely in trains and ensure that they are followed uniformly by all railway authorities at every railway station. Also make arrangements to provide bare essentials to ensure the safe and comfortable travel of pets in other compartment too for those owners who cannot afford to pay for AC 1st class. 

We humbly request you all to please sign it and spread it as much as possible. Together we can make a difference! We need to ensure that no other innocent life meets a similar fate. Let’s be the voice for the voiceless!