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Stop Jallikattu!

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Jallikattu is a barbaric sport like practice, where bulls are agitated an unleashed in crowds of men only to be victims of abuse. According to the Supreme Court, it is illegal, but the current government and the minister of environment himself have voiced its opinion in favour of Jallikattu. Is this the government we hope will protect us, our animals and the environment? If we the responsible citizens let this happen,it legalises the cruel and dangerous sports such as bullock cart races in Maharashtra and Punjab, Kambala (buffalo race) in Karnataka and Dhirio (bull fight) in Goa.  In order to force the bulls into and out of the vadi vasals, each one must endure unmitigated suffering. Although the Supreme Court had placed emphasis on no harm coming to the animals, the reality was that cruelty to animals was inescapably part of jallikattu. Bulls are beaten, poked, prodded, harassed and jumped on by numerous people. They have their tails bitten and twisted, and suspicious liquids (likely alcohol) are forced down their throats before they are dragged into the vadi vasals. The hurt, angry animals is then unleashed in crowds of men, waiting to pounce on the animal just to prove their heroics. Is this our culture? Abuse animals? The bulls are hurt and seriously injured. Most succumb to their injury and the others run loose on the streets and get into accidents. This is not a projection of our culture, but a mere merciless act of humanity. Let us join hands to stand in front of our government, and standby  the Supreme Court's orders of making Jallikattu illegal. 

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