Valmikinagar Tiger Reserve.

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Valmikinagar Tiger Reserve(VTP)

Bagaha, Bihar 845105 

Valmikinagar, Bagaha Bihar The VTR forest area covers 899.38 square kilometers (347.25 sq mi), which is 17.4% of the total geographical area of the district West Champaran. As of 2013, there were 22 tigers in the Reserve.

As we all know that the Green House Effect and Global Warming, one of its major reason is day by day clearing of forest land legally and illegally.We have forgotten that trees are lungs of the earth.

 The local peoples and society there were are unaware of the importance of the forest.So I also request to make some awareness program every month to aware the locality about the importance and preservation ideas of the forest.

Change in temperature of the environment is not good for the earth, our country has signed the Paris Acord.

As I know and understand that the first thing to do for Valmiki Nagar is to boundary the whole forest and provide the borderline for the same. Instead of making of parks we need to plant more trees and provide the proper plan for the conservation and protection of the forest and also the proper lifecycle(food and water cycle) arrangement for plants and animals of the forest.

I request government and else to the concerned person to please help and support the idea of mine and help me to save environment and society.


As I survey the things, I found that investment made was to modify that place into tourist place but not to conserve the forest and animals.

As I know if this could be done for the forest it will automatically turn this place into a tourist place.

But according to my understanding, there is a big problem of reaching to Valmiki Nagar. Means the connectivity was not good by roads and even it was not that much developed to connect with the Airport and Railways Junction. 


Please help me to plant more trees and save nature and then nature will save us.

 Thanking you all ...

Prince Raj
Working as a Conservator For Valmiki Nagar Tiger Reserve