Say no to animal slavery!

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Animals too need just and humane conditions to live in this planet. We have witnessed many inhumane treatment towards animals. Especially in india, oxen are treated ruthlessly. I have been to this rahuri village of maharashtra where oxen are used for extracting sugarcane juice as in india we have techniques to extract sugarcane juice whether it be manual technique or some machinery techniques at reasonable. So why to bother animals,as being a cilizen we should ban such pathetic scenario in our country especially in villages. while passing by that village I also saw that tourists were enjoying such juice which were the result of the slavery of an ox,each sugarcane juice vendor has an ox which is made to move in a circular motion and after completion of such motion sugarcane juice is secreted. 

I urge to the committee and the firms which ensures humane treatment of animals to stop such kind of harassment and evil practice. This stigma should be eradicated. As each coin has two sides there should not be any loss to the vendor out there as that is their only source for to establish their livelihood, they should be provided with machineries to make up to their business (i.e, selling sugarcane juice).