Inclusion of Artificial Intelligence in the National Curriculum of Pakistan

Inclusion of Artificial Intelligence in the National Curriculum of Pakistan

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Children today are growing up in a world surrounded by AI: algorithms determine what information they see, help select the videos they watch, and shape how they learn to talk. The hope is that by better understanding how algorithms are created and how they influence society, children could become more critical consumers of such technology. Whether we're gaming on Play Station, watching Netflix or using a smart phone. We all use A.I in our everyday life in different ways.

But not many children know how it works. We suggest A.I to be included in the national curriculum that can help children understand how algorithms are designed, how they keep us safe, and what can be their implications, in order to look forward to a better future. It’s essential for us to understand how these technologies work so we can best navigate and consume them and feel empowered.

Studies have shown that exposing children to technical concepts stimulates their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It can prime them to learn computational skills more quickly later on in life.

Learning to grapple with the ethics and societal impacts of technology early on can also help children grow into more conscious creators and developers, as well as more informed citizens. Ten to 12 years old is the average age when a child receives his or her first cell phone, or his or her first social-media account. Children should be able to understand that technology has opinions and has goals that might not necessarily align with their own before they become even bigger consumers of technology.

 And that’s why we want the inclusion of A.I in our national curriculum so we, as children, can inquire and explore about technology, society and ethics. A.I offers a promising template for how education could evolve to meet the demands of an increasingly technology-driven world.

Ibraheem, Inaaya, Hanna and Jahanzaib

Lahore Grammar School

Phase V- Grade 5 IB