Be a human, Respect a women!

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Nirbhaya rape case Delhi 2012

Badauan rape case 2014

Kathua rape case 2018

Indore infant rape and murder 2018

Shakti mills gang rape Mumbai 2013 

Lalguan Goan Nagaon rape case 2018

Now Hyderabad rape case 2019

Dear Indians time has come to exercise democratic right and mobilise a revolutionary movement to stand against cruelty and inhumane behavior towards women. It's we who are at fault not anyone else, nobody is coming from external boundaries and raping our Goddess. It's we itself raping dignity of our society, our culture, our country, it's we making our system collapse and paralyze. Just you and only you can change this or continue with the same. A humble request don't register your protest by changing DP, updating victim's story n her painful suffering on 24 hours status just do something which causes change. Court will not going to give judgment on the ground of support on social media and millions of candle post. Just rape this system which isn't condemn such act as inhuman, come on road, boycott the leaders and bring something like referendum. Kindly come and mobilise this moment, support this petition and ask justice for rape victims. Rape accused should be hanged to death. Amendment should be made in laws for immediate death penality if evidence found correct, Police to conduct fair investigation and court should grant speedy justice to the victims. Along with this Indian Government should establish fast track courts in such serious and cruel cases. No appeal should be accepted by High and Supreme Court if lower court grant death punishment in rape cases. Guys time has come to define the yourself and reflect the real face of our system. 

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