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Save Australia's only national youth led sexual health organisation #saveYEAH

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After 7 years of investment, the Federal Government has cut all funding to YEAH, Australia's only national youth led sexual health organisation effective from 1st July, 2016. Yet every week there are a dozen articles in our national media saying we need to be doing more to improve young people’s access to sexual health education.

YEAH has pioneered many opportunities for young people to become leaders in promoting positive, inclusive and youth friendly information on sexual health and HIV to their friends and peers.

The momentum YEAH has built over the past 11 years has resulted in the largest online and face to face reach of sexual health information with young people Australia wide.

YEAH has developed the only national network of young people trained as sexual health peer educators.

It is for these clear reasons we cannot afford to give up fighting to save YEAH!

Join us in asking Sussan Ley, Minister for Health to re-commit funding to continue YEAH's vital work

We’re deeply concerned that if YEAH ceases to exist, we will be sending a very counter productive message to the hundreds of thousands of young people, teachers and youth workers who turn to YEAH each year for information and rely on our programs.
Last year over 900,000 young people turned to YEAH’s online channels for information on sexual health.

In 2015 YEAH's national peer education program engaged directly with more than 10,000 young people through community workshops and events.
Currently 60 young people subscribe to YEAH’s online campaign each week to receive regular youth friendly sexual health information.

YEAH’s annual funding from the Commonwealth to deliver this level of reach has been $457K p/a, YEAH has a track record of substantially over delivering on many funded activities.

In 2016 YEAH was funded to:

Deliver 50 peer led workshops/events - we have delivered 95,
Train 40 young people - we have trained 80 (with more on waiting lists),
Distribute 1000 free safe sex kits - we have distributed 4483

Since news broke of our defunding in mid April, YEAH has experienced a 50% increase in demand for community workshop bookings.

YEAH’s programs unite young people to work together regardless of gender or sexuality to promote inclusive sexual health amongst their peers. 50% of YEAH's peer educators identifying as GLBTIQ+

We do not understand the decision to defund YEAH on many levels; our successful performance, cost effectiveness, growing community demand, ability to innovate new ways to engage young people online and through face to face communication.

It is current government policy to invest in the very strategies YEAH uses to engage young people to improve their sexual health knowledge that leads to HIV and STI prevention.

With 75% of all STIs are occurring amongst young people, we need to be doing so much more, not less, to support and empower young people to develop the knowledge, tools and skills they needed to make safe sexual health choices and build a positive sexual health culture
for their generation.

Let’s not close down the organisation that most young people turn to for sexual health information and to become active leaders in promoting positive sexual health outcomes amongst their peers.

 Since 1st July 2016 YEAH’s team are continuing to operate the organisation in a voluntary capacity. There is simply too much value in the number of young people who engage with YEAH’s programs and subscribe to YEAH’s communication channels to not find a pathway for this ‘one of a kind’ organisation to continue its vital work.

Together we can send a strong message to the Health Minister, and the Federal Government, that youth leadership and empowerment is vital to build and sustain a positive sexual health culture that addresses gaps in access to critical sexual health information and promotes safe, healthy and respectful relationships in Australia.

Join us in asking Sussan Ley, Minister for Health to re-commit funding to continue YEAH's vital work

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