SUPPORT OUR TRUCKERS: More Transport Parking Needed!!

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There is a severe lack of safe parking for Truck drivers.  My father was a truck driver, my husband and middle son are truck drivers and my grandfather-in-law ran a trucking company and since the 70s spaces for truck drivers to shut down for their regulated 10 hours has dwindled.  More pull off areas designated for Transports only are needed so these knights of the highway don't get tickets, are well rested and are alert behind the wheel.  Highway 11, 17 and 401 are major routes for the movement of goods across Canada.  5 truck stops just closed along the 401 this past year (2015).  A loss of over 500 parking spots along major transportation routes.  This is not just an issue in Ontario but Canada wide.

You want safer roads?  Stop nailing the truck drivers with bigger fines and gelding their trucks.  Instead build more Rest areas and truck stops so they have a decent place to park so they can get the rest you require them to have along the routes listed and any others were there is a need!