Save our skin

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Around 80,000 Kiwis will end 2020 with some form of skin cancer they didn’t have today. That’s a city the size of Palmerston North diagnosed with skin cancer. Every year.

It’s time the Government did more to address this burning issue.

Our fair skin, low ozone levels and love of outdoors combine in a perfect storm that makes Kiwis more susceptible to melanoma.

Human suffering aside, a skin-blistering 95% more money is spent on dealing with skin cancer than on preventing it in the first place.

According to the Cancer Society, skin cancer costs our health system around $57 million a year. And that’s an outdated number. It’s likely much higher.

Yet prevention continues to be a low priority.

The Government only spends a paltry $600,000 on prevention. This is largely on the Health Promotion Agency’s SunSmart ‘slip slop slap’ advertising campaign. It also includes staff costs.

That’s 12 cents for every Kiwi. To fight one of our biggest killers.

Is this enough for a country that literally bakes itself every summer?

Compare this to the eye-watering $1.4 billion spent on road safety prevention. This is despite more Kiwis dying of skin cancer than on our roads. 535 New Zealanders died from skin cancer in 2015 – that’s an average of 10 people a week.

Sign this petition to show your support and send a message to the Government that they need to spend more on skin cancer prevention.

This includes spending more on preventing skin cancer. 

Skin cancer is one of our most prevalent cancers, but it’s also one of the most preventable.

Sign this on behalf of the 80,000 New Zealanders who will be fighting skin cancer over the next year.