Freeze BC Student Placements

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* Please Email your MLA and School District Superintendent as well* 

Many parents and students are uncomfortable returning to school this September with the current Covid guidelines and wanting to take some time to Homeschool. Many children and families are immunocompromised and cannot return for now. 

In order to enroll in a supporter home school group,  they need to unenroll their child from their current schools and choice programs.

French immersion, Montessori, Outdoor, Year round, out of catchement and other choice programs will suddenly have openings that usually have wait lists. Many parents are having to pull their children and will lose their spots. 

French immersion children need supports to stay in line with their peers in class. Currently there are no french immersion home school programs.  These children have put years of work into learning a second language and should not be punished because they are uncomfortable with current events. 

All children who lose their spots in choice programs will have to come back to new classrooms and many, even new schools. 

The experts are all stressing the importance of our children's mental health. The above will all impact them greatly. They will miss their friends, and be looking for the comfort of familiarity when they return. 

The parents of Choice Program children are asking for the BC government to hold our places for when we're ready to return. We are also requesting the formation of some sort of French immersion home school program similar to what our English speaking peers have access to.