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Respect the cow or animals...make them part of city life

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                                    Respect the Cow/animals India is a big country and without the Active participation of citizens it is impossible to resolve any issue. Hindus have worshiped cows since the earliest time in our civilisation.  Our earliest prayers invoke the almighty to look after our cattle and make sure it’s never sick or stolen.  Its propagation and preservation has been one of the main aims of our social duties since the time of the Vedas.  Cow is sacred for Hindus as many other animals are sacred for other religions. The reason why Hindus worship cows is an enigma for most non-Hindus.  They cannot understand why we would want to worship one of the most docile animals in the world.  Lions, eagles and dragons they can understand, but a cow, they can’t. India is known for its love and compassion and we can be proud of in saying that we are the most vegetable eating society in the world and it has always reflected in our acts of non violence. More often than not, India is associated with cows roaming the roads of India, sitting idly in the middle of a traffic jam, chewing cud of the nearest waste heap and a plastic bag tangled up in the mouth or horns.  This is a truly sad state of affair.  Not because the cow is sacred, nor because it has lost its place in the list of what we consider as precious, BUT, because this is not how we should treat any animal – cow or not.  Newspapers keep reporting about the cows straying around the city and possibility of any mishap. Ridiculous! Have they ever suggested solutions? Have they ever tried to stop plastic attack? Have they ever reported that paper industry is using 25 to 35 percent of forest cover  to print all that never changed anything plausible, Are they regularly doing any big forestation program, Are they giving any deadline to digitize all the newspapers, do they report how much dioxin they release and how polluting paper printing is. Originally, at no time whatsoever, would a cow be allowed to wander the streets unsupervised or without its owner.  The only times cow(s) were seen in the streets, was when they left to go to the pastures in the morning and when they came back.  At all other times, they were either in the pastures or in the cowshed.  Why would you let your most precious possession roam around at will ?  Would you leave your most revered and precious car with the keys in the ignition switch and windows rolled down ?  To the ancients, our current attitude towards cows would be equally incomprehensible.  We feel proud in strolling with a cosmetic dog and don’t feel shame in hurling a stick and captivating a cow. Can’t we be more compassionate and make more space for animals in the cities. We have widened our roads and shrunken our hearts. we allow slaughter houses,slaughter shops and fleshy meat shops in the cities, we providing all the space to big polluting devilish cars and can't afford to give some green space for such beautiful always innocent animals. Animals bring beauty and compassion and juice to life. Our infants, children or youth should love and play with animals and seep-in the compassion, should learn to co-exist with animals and nature. In earlier times we used to be having something called Dugdh Sanskar…an everyday ritual when the cow was worshiped and asked to provide milk and other products from her being. It was sort of promise that when the calf is full and satisfied then only the milk will be used for society or humans. Such a beautiful practice. Can’t we do it now? Cows and other animals should be taken care of in a responsible manner. India needs to improve its infrastructure if it’s to maintain its march towards a brighter future. Let us return the cow to its rightful place, culturally, religiously and economically.    If a black cat can be interpreted as "bad luck" in 21st century Europe, why can’t a cow be considered "lucky" in modern India ? How can you guarantee that this valuable resource is not abused, or mistreated by society at large ?   By giving it a very special place in our society, that of a pseudo mother, we made sure it was respected at all times.   Let us start and say we will be giving more space to cow and other animals.Let the compassion take over the money and material. We request the government if they can provide bigger shelters, more fodder, comfortable and safe space for cows within the city limits.

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