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Lower boat speed limits in Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary.

The safety and peace of our resident dolphins should be of sufficient importance to do this simple thing. Apart from their intrinsic value and rights, they are a prime touristic attraction. Please act on this matter - in collaboration if necessary. It's not good enough to pass the buck here, and the cost of losing our dolphins would be higher  by far than the cost of protecting them. Jetskis should also not be allowed in these areas; they are noxious and harmful to dolphins. The picture on this petition was taken of Wave, at the Torrens Island Bridge, by Jenni Wyrsta.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Minister for Recreation and Sport
  • Minister for Transport and Infrastructure
    Hon Patrick Conlon MP
  • Minister for Road Safety
    Hon. Jennifer Rankine MP
  • Minister for Tourism
    Hon Gail Gago MLC
  • Minister for water and the environment
    Hon Paul Caica MP

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