Harkaway - Say NO to Rosemaur Gallery!

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A 150 person restaurant/function centre; art gallery and 2 residences is proposed to be developed at 193 - 209 King Road, Harkaway. It is expected that the development will attract in excess of 80,000 people annually. The site is only accessible by vehicle.

This is totally unacceptable and out of context in a Green Wedge Zone and will forever change the landscape of Harkaway - a location the developer itself acknowledges is characterised by its ‘village’ feel within a ‘rolling green landscape’.

Residents in the surrounding properties are strongly opposed to the proposal. A development of this intensity is entirely incompatible with the existing amenity of the area and siting it in Harkaway would desecrate the entire area.

Undoubtedly, King Road would need to be sealed with the resultant loss of trees and vegetation and the likely installation of street lights. King Road’s current designation as a safe riding road within the City of Casey’s equestrian trail would undoubtedly be lost.

The massive increase in traffic both car and buses, would be channelled along King Road past the Harkaway Primary School and the houses that abut King Road in the Harkaway village. This would represent a clear risk to public safety particularly to the parents and children at school drop off and pick up time at the School.

The already very significant volume of traffic at peak times along Harkaway Road would be exacerbated by this development. Traffic would also likely use Baker Road, a designated wildlife corridor, as a cut through north of King Road.

The development clearly contravenes the local and State Green Wedge policies whose purpose is to “protect, conserve and enhance the … scenic landscapes … of the area.”

The developer has referred the proposed development directly to the Minister for Planning applying for a planning scheme amendment to exempt the development from requiring a permit for its use within the Green Wedge zone. Local residents and others affected by the proposed development have only been given until 23 October 2020 within which to lodge submissions. In doing so the developer is seeking to avoid public scrutiny by trying to steamroll over the local community without any consideration for those affected.

We're calling on Casey Council and the Minister for Planning to reject this development in Harkaway. Approving a development of this nature will open the floodgates to other such developments within Harkaway - no one living on a dead-end dirt road in Harkaway will be safe from such inappropriate developments.

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