A resumption of day services for adults with an intellectual disability is needed ASAP

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Adults with intellectual disabilities have been left stranded without access to their day services due to Covid-19.

They need your help to ensure a resumption of services and a full and proper reopening of day centres. Please help me and people like me, who have loved ones in a similar situation by signing this petition.

To date, support has been haphazard and in some cases through online forums such as Zoom and a once-weekly visit from a key worker. This is a piecemeal and unsatisfactory way of providing support to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. 

For people like my 28 year old sister Deirdre, who has Down syndrome, they are desperately missing the daily social interaction and support a day service provides and what she has received so far is simply not good enough. Since April, she has not marked off a new day on her calendar. For all intents and purposes, every day is like ‘Groundhog Day’. Her world has become very small without access to her day service and the support it provides. 

The HSE has so far published a ‘Framework for the Resumption of Adult Disability Day Services’ detailing the steps that are being taken by day service providers on how and when they are going to reopen and resume services.  However, a clear and detailed roadmap with dates and timelines and a proper plan for the resumption of day services is now needed, from the HSE and the service providers. August or September is too late for a resumption of services. These need to reopen ASAP. 

On June 29th we will see Phase 3 of the reopening of the country, where people can attend the hairdressers, eat in a restaurant, drink in a pub and attend a gym. This is all being done while practicing correct hygiene and safety procedures that make it safe for customers and staff alike. 

When are our loved ones going to be able to access their services? They too, deserve to see a resumption of their daily activities. These services are a lifeline and I believe they can be delivered in a safe way for their users and staff. Service providers, staff and the HSE need to make this work. 

Please sign this petition and lobby your local elected representatives on the full resumption of day services for adults with an intellectual disability.

We need the HSE and service providers to do what they have been funded to do.  Help people like my sister Deirdre have a chance to start living her life again and mark off each day on the calendar. 

Thank you, Laura Campion.