Time to Act for vultures in Orchha-Now or never #SaveVultures

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When I see this in Orchha, it disheartens me to see the Critically Endangered vultures slowly vanishing from the holy city.

Long-billed Vultures are among the Critically Endangered vulture species that are remaining in just a few natural habitats. The vultures are Mother Nature’s Cleaners. No other scavenger can take their place. Long- billed Vultures nest colonially and exclusively use cliffs or buildings (such as old monuments) for their nests. With the ongoing preparation of Orchha Festival, the breeding vulture pair are getting disturbed. The number of visits to the nests has reduced drastically leaving the chicks malnourished and uncared in cold weather. Vultures are slow breeders, laying a single egg in a year. The unsuccessful breeding will have irremediable effect on the vulture population in Orchha.  Once disturbed, they do not use the nesting sites again. The effects are known to all. The monuments are disturbed every now and then sometimes for shooting of wedding videos and sometimes for professional shooting. After constantly requesting the Archaeological Department to do the maintenance from May to September (Non-breeding period for vultures) they have failed in co-coordinating the same. The Forest department visits the site only when the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests announces for vulture census. They do not take the responsibility to protect the vultures nesting in monuments. We cannot remain silent anymore. It’s time to take action, Now! Sign my petition.

With the destruction of habitat and decline in vulture population, there is an urgent need for emergency plans for future conservation. Sign my petition asking the Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Shri Prakash Javadekar, to create an action plan and #SaveVultures.

We need to save the vultures now, as they face the threat of possible permanent loss of nesting sites.