#SaveOurSounds – Funding for Sounds Australia

Confirmed victory

#SaveOurSounds – Funding for Sounds Australia

This petition made change with 6,200 supporters!
Laura Wallbridge started this petition to Senator the Honourable Mitch Fifield (Minister for the Arts)

****UPDATE: We did it!!! Thank you so much!!!

***UPDATE: No solution yet from Senator Fifield, further action still needed. Write to your local MP. More info here.

Many of us in the Australian music industry have been extremely distressed to learn that SOUNDS AUSTRALIA  did not receive #Catalyst funding for their vital work exporting Australian Music into the international market.

The national contemporary music export initiative is funded through the Ministry for the Arts until December 31, 2016. Without additional funding, the initiative will not be able to offer its full annual export program beyond that date.

SOUNDS AUSTRALIA  has achieved amazing results. Since its inception in 2009, SOUNDS AUSTRALIA has supported the careers of 620 Australian artists through its work at 48 different international events in 52 cities across 19 countries.

The above is in addition to the immense local benefit that this team has also been instrumental in providing in terms of mentorship, advice and support in addition to their superb efforts globally. It is terrifying to consider what this lack of funding ultimately means for our Australian artists & their prospects of being able to successfully forge an international career.

Having attended some of the SOUNDS AUSTRALIA events myself, I can attest to the fact that I've personally spoken to several people from multiple countries who have been in awe of the SOUNDS AUSTRALIA service and the opportunities that it has afforded to countless artists, labels, managers and more.

I urge the Minister for the Arts, Senator the Honourable Mitch Fifield and the Australian Government to please re-look at the SOUNDS AUSTRALIA service and attempt to find a funding solution. We desperately needed this service before it was founded, but such has been its impact that our industry simply cannot function on the global stage without these people and this service in place.

I urge you to #SaveOurSounds – and work with us to find funding for Sounds Australia.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. You can let the Minister know how you feel by tagging him in:
https://twitter.com/SenatorFifield https://www.facebook.com/SenatorFifield

APRA AMCOS Statement and additional facts and figures here:

Snap shot of SOUNDS AUSTRALIA achievements:

  • Supported 620 Australian artists, at 48 different international events in 52 cities across 19 countries. 
  • Resulted in 1292 new performance opportunities and 1593 business outcomes for Australian artists (signing record deals, booking agents, distributors, publicists, synch deals, publishing deals, generating international press and brand endorsements).
  • Produced 97 networking/B2B events and 158 unique showcase presentations
  • Data indicates a 300% compound annual growth in individual earnings within three years of the first SOUNDS AUSTRALIA (and first international) appearance, for top tier artists.
  • The likes of Courtney Barnett, Chet Faker and Vance Joy, all played SOUNDS AUSTRALIA showcases in their first year of export, and all benefitted from repeat Sounds Australia performance opportunities in the year following.

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 6,200 supporters!

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