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Milwaukee County Judge Jane V. Carroll is abusing my mother too......

Milwaukee County Judge Jane Carroll is abusing my mother too....

Georgia daughters are fighting to gain guardianship of their abuse disabled mother from her unrelated "guardian", but “Honorable” Judge Jane Carroll of Milwaukee, WI ruled to give my disabled abuse mother back to her abuser. This lady Judge heard several witness of abuse against Mr. Riley from family members and state agencies and the Judge overlooked it all. The “Honorable” Judge Jane Carroll ruled in favor of the abuser without viewing the evidence against the guardian who abused and neglect my mother. The abuser never got on the witness stand for questioning, but my abuse mother stated to state protection agency that the abuser hits the her in the face while she sits in her wheelchair, gave her medication that was not prescribed by a physician, no prescribe medication for a whole year by a doctor, refused to give her medication to help her, verbal abuse and emotional abuse. Does this sound like a Judge for woman rights? Would you want this Judge to continue to send disable abuse women and men back in the hands of the abuser? Help me remove her from the courtroom. We need someone who will protect us as women and men not someone who will put us back in the hands of our abuser. My mother life is in her hands and as you see....SHE DON'T CARE. How many women you know survive from an abuse relationship? The death rate for abuse women has risen across the stated because people in higher office neglect to protect them.  My mother became disable from several strokes in 2010. She remained in a sedative state for 2 years without any change until her daughter came from Georgia to remove her from the home of the abuser. Once I removed my mother from her abuser, her progress changed tremendously within 2 months. My mother who wasn’t talking before is now telling her story on how she was being abuse by this man. Please help her continue to speak out by signing this petition to remove this Judge from sending another disable abuse man or woman in the care of their abuser. Thank you all for your help.

Daughters of the abuse disabled woman...

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Exec. Director of ARC-Wisconsin Disability Association Mr. Jim Hoegemeier
Wisconsin State Attorney Van Hollen (Wisconsin State Attorney)
I am a daughter who is fighting to gain guardianship of my abuse disabled mother who is currently residing in Milwaukee, WI against her will. The "Honorable" Jane V.Carroll ruled base on her OPINION and not the FACTS in favor of the guardian who abuse my mother. Although this Judge heard several agency testimonies from WI Department of Aging and Community Care, and Doctor reports of abuse and neglect. She ignore all their investigation and the facts. Judge Jane V. Carroll also made her ruling before the abuser can even be questioned.
The whole process was planned and a game. According to the guardian 2 weeks prior to court, he told our mother she was coming home as if he knew what the ruling was going to be. Well to my surprise he already knew the outcome since the Judge and the abuser attorney are college colleagues. The daughters have two campaign petitions on and They already have more than half of their 5,000 votes. A CHANGE will come...for this CAUSE.

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